Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Euro Trip

On the 1st January 2008 I sat down with a beer and my journal, wrote down the places I wanted to go, checked out some prices of flights and accocomodation and then just booked the flights before thinking about all the things that could go wrong.

  • Paris 1st March - 8th March
  • Berlin 8th - 14th March
  • Barcelona 14th - 21st March
  • Milan 21st - 25th March
  • Amsterdam 25th - whenever I run out of money, theres even scope to possibly fly somewhere else after amsterdam but I've not booked any more flights so I can check out my financial situation at this point.

oh man this is going to be exciting and scary and fun and daunting and hilarious and lonely and terrible all at the same time!

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David Golden said...

Hey Sam u look cool in Paris and the sun is shining on u too . Hope u had a good evening too. Mum,Dad, Madeleine and Ben x