Friday, 4 April 2008

Better Late Than Never!

Oops I just realised I never posted much of a blog about amsterdam or the hague, i was seriously just trying to cram so much in I never had much time!

this is a bunch of bikes, they are everywhere in the Netherlands , dean is probably the only person without one! apparently when they dredge the canals in amsterdam they just pull out tons and tons of bikes and have to put more water in because so many bikes have been removed haha.

ok so on the Monday before I left Holland i met up with this really nice lady called Lies who I had met when I was barcelona, she lives in The Hague and agreed to take me around the sights and then eat somewhere awesome.

we had a guided tour of the dutch parliament buildings and heres some photos of me looking peevish next to the queens throne
we also visited the second chamber where they do a lot of arguing but because of that crazy dutch guy who's in the news at the moment for making some offensive cartoon to muslims (when will they ever learn) they didn`t allow any cameras in, anyway it was really fancy and green and i sat at a press desk.
for lunch I ate traditional dutch meatballs with mustard which was so so yummy and also a croquette (traditional dutch one) stuffed with a mix of wheat and veal , I ate it but it wasn't as good as the meatball haha the texture was just bizzare and pulpy

then we walked around the Hagues older part and I learnt some History and saw the queens palace (flags up that means she was at home!)

down by one of the upmarket canals was Lies nephews restaurant (bottom right of this photo you can see the boat beergarden) and this is where we ate amazing food a perfect chicken sate with a peanut butter dip , a awesome side salad and chips it was so so so yummy one of the best meals on the trip so far
now im in switzerland though im eating so well all of the time trying tons of new things and rediscovering old things (espressos, for instance are amazing here!) the dav I arrived Bastien just baked us a pie from scratch for lunch, everyone here knows how eat and drink well!
ok its time to leave the house I guess, so much to see and the sun is shining!
speak to you guys soon!
sam x

ps. hey grandma did you get my postcard yet??


grandma said...

Yes Sam. Thanks for the postcard and news and pictures. See you soon.

jessi said...

how do the bikes get in the canals ??