Friday, 4 April 2008

les jour du tshirt rouge en martigny!

yes today was red tshirt day but everyone here is french so im kindof forgetting how to speak anglais haha anyway martigny is amazing and beautiful, today we climbed a mountain, walked through the apricot orchards and then ate traditional swiss fondue.

the fonduewas actually really nice! then we played some babyfoot (table football) in some traditional swiss bar with some reallyy nice french and english speaking people from france, russia, australia and obviously switzerland. anyway im having an awesome time been so busy so theres been no time for blogs but hopefully tommorow morning ill post a full update of whats going on! tommorow evening we are going to a recording studio in the mountains near montreaux to record some music and hopefully i can upload that here too!
also my french is improving!
aussi mon francais s'améliore!

staying safe
sam x


Dean said...

Switzerland looks beautiful. Ask Bastien if I can move over.

Bastien said...

With great pleasure.

jessi said...

haha "babyfoot"