Friday, 11 April 2008

Venice Is Sinking!

hi I just spent a night and two days in venice it was really magnificent i couldnt really fully imagine it until i saw it, there are NO roads! all canals and they still use them for transporting building materials getting rid of rubbish and as floating shops, it was really cool, I went St Marcos square and got lost in the maze of streets thousands of times it was crazy

this is my `help im lost in venice face`
if you want masks you go to venice, this is the shop where Stanley Kubrick got his masks for the Movie èyes wide shut`

so the weather wasnt sunny but rain in venice is pretty magical everywhere you go you can hear a thousand raindrops hitting water and a million little splashes appearing all over the canals!

anyway im back in switzerland today we`re making music and sushi and on sunday I get to see some legendary swiss COW FIGHTS!!!

stay safe

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jacob longshore said...

Great pictures of Venice!

As part of some ritual, which I must perpetuate on pain of death, you have been tagged hereforthwith. Details at my humble blog (

That said, I do enjoy your posts. Hope you enjoy the cow fights too, along with the rest of your trip!