Tuesday, 8 April 2008

more photos from switzerland

hey guys thought id let you know i`ve booked a train to venice tommorow morning where I will be staying for one night before returning to martigny until my flight home on the 14th!
ok heres some more photos from switzerland its a really beautiful place but very expensive!

learnt how to cook tomato fondue at Bastiens mothers house, it turned out super super tasty!
fork in the lake outside the food mueseum in Vevey


grandma said...

Hi Sam, I'm glad it's me you're looking at.
Mum's number
07854 260448

Sam Golden said...

thanks grandma you rule! see you soon!

Max said...

Hey Sam, I didn't realise I could actually comment you until now.

I look forward to you coming home and catching up with booze.

Keep safe, bra.