Thursday, 27 March 2008

amstel damm

hello guys im in amsterdam at the moment! its really cold and snowed quite a bit, the day I arrived after 'sleeping' in milan airport i was so tired, i basically wandered around the streets and did some shopping, cooked up some food and fell asleep at like 7pm haha then I only woke up at about 10.45 ran down to the free tour place and learnt a ton about where amsterdam came from basically its just because they built a dam called the amstell dam next to where they founded the town so they put the words together or something haha last night me and some cool dudes from Reading wandered around china town and the red light district its so so bizzare ALSO they have these burger vending machine places called 'FEBO' and you put your money in and then open a door and grab a burger its so so bizzare haha today im going to try and check out the van gogh mueseum and try and find somewhere to upload pictures of snow covered houses and canals and funky statues, no hookers though they dont like having their photos taken

staying safe

Sam x


Dean said...

Do NOT eat at FEBO, whatever you do.

David Golden said...

Sounds like you are learning a lot about the different cultures Sam. Enjoy Amsterdam.