Saturday, 8 March 2008

Gutenmörgen Berlin

I am so tired sitting around an empty airport from 11pm until check-in at 4am really wore me out, I grabbed an hour or so sleep on the plane but now im in the hostel and I can only get in my room at 2pm wahhh!

also the tube dudes are on strike so theres like no public transport running in berlin until like the day I leave which means im going to be doing a TON of walking around

first impressions are good though its such a contrast to paris not only in architecture but on the fact everything is so much cheaper, where I´d be paying about 8 euros for coffee and cake in paris its like 2.50 here! i´ve strolled around the neigbourhood and theres is street art everywhere I´ve already seen a space invader! ate breakfast in some little cafe and now im back in the hostel, german keyboards are weird the x and z keys are swapped around and you can type these ßßßßß things which are like a sss sound

theres no plugs for my camera at the hostel internet cafe though so to post pictures ill have to go further afield I think

anyway i think im going to pass out in a chair, talk to you guys ßoon!
sam x

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