Monday, 24 March 2008

Barcelona Photo Album

ok so I finally caved today and bought a SD card reader for 9 euros in Milan so now I should have no problem uploading photographs, seeing as you guys haven't seen any of barcelona yet Ill start there...

amazing church gaudi designed I went here and to the park he built and lived in with this ace couple from Minnesota who were studying spanish near madrid and they could both speak really great spanish so we bought a whole fish at the market and made a gourmet meal for about 3€ each haha
all the streets were so narrow and getting lost in them was so amazing because there were non stop shops everywhere all really unique and bizzare
some dude drawing a cityscape on the stairs up to the olympic stadium
Las Ramblas is so crazy its full of hookers and pickpockets and people pretending to be statues and flower stalls and musicians and magicians and animals no kidding I could spend a good two hours strolling down at a leisurely pace watching everythings go on, in fact on my last day I sat at one of the cafes at the side and ordered a coffee just so I could people watch without getting disturbed

my room, it had an awesome balcony
fake armani sunglasses €3 haha best price ever
buena vista social club jamming out
just off la ramblas is the craziest market ever you could buy actually any food items you wanted including like cow brains and big squids
the beach where I tanned up it was really good weather and very hot! I had to pay a ridiculous price for sun cream though!

ok this internet cafe is full of people shouting im going to move haha

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Gabriela said...

The Romans didn't much like Barcelona, but they should have stuck around. This second city of Spain is now Spain's hippest town. Summer gives way to periodic lapses in sanity with week-long fiesta fun. But year-round the city cooks - it's always on the biting edge of fashion, architecture, food, style, music, fascinating Barcelona hotels and good times. The buildings, featuring the work of an eccentric genius named Gaudí, will blow you away. The art, with significant collections by Picasso and Miró, will make you clammy all over. The people, with their exuberance, their duende, their persistent egalitarianism and clamor for a separate identity, will fascinate you. Barcelona is one of the most dynamic and exciting cities on the western Mediterranean seaboard, sedulously promoting itself as a European metropolis, a link between the sub-Pyrenean peninsula and the heartland of Western Europe. It is a city that is inconceivable until you get there, unbelievable while you walk its streets and unforgettable after you've gone.