Monday, 10 March 2008

in a dunkin donuts overlooking the tv tower

sup guys im in another internet cafe above the dunkin donuts in berlin but theres no card slot for my camera here either! A lot of fun stuff has been happening !
after i posted my last blog I decided to have a wander around the city before I could check in and sleep. On the streets near KunstHaus Tacheles (this awesome alternative art and culture centre with some mad cafes and a beer garten full of bizzare sculptures and almost the whole building is covered in the best graffitti) I met this dude called Sidney from Los Angeles he´s actually one of the team working for Paul McCarthy setting up his exhibitions and installations in countries everywhere , definitely a cool job! so we wandered aimlessly together he bought me a beer and i went back to the hostel , stormed into my room and just fell asleep from about 4pm to 8am the following day hahah
Breakfast is so much better at this hostel its a big buffet of eggs and toast and salami and cheeses and teas (grüne tea being the best) and cereals and fresh fruit so I been gorging out on all that and its been good!
yesterday I took a free walking tour of berlin which left from the hostel and was like 4 hours long and I got to see so many amazing sights in Berlin (book burning memorial, brandenburg gate, memorial to the dead jews, berlin wall, reichstag, memorial to war and tyranny and of course that hotel michael jackson shook his baby out the window of haha)

heres a picture from their webpage, I look ridiculous see if you can spot me haha

the bearded floating head on the left of mine is Jeremy Parks from london he´s in an awesome band and was staying at the hostel too until this morning when he left , hes also on his gap year and travelling the globe mainly eastern europe, russia and china! anyway we hung out on the tour and then that evening I met his room mates , two nice australians and then we all went down to the koncert haüs realised we were under dressed and settled on going for a beer then climbing the glass dome on top of the reichstag which is open til midnight! we got really awesome views of the entire city at night! wish I could post the photos!

today I walked all the way down the river spree to the longest remaining stretch of the Berlin Wall which is now the East Side Gallery a long stretch of murals and graffitti art, unfortunately so manz tourists have decided they had to leave their own graffitti on the wall and its covered and spoilt a lot of the murals, the walk itself and the amazing graffitti on the way was much better, then I went and lay on the grass near the reichstag and ate a fine lunch of bread and bannas and ice tea!

tonight Im going to see Band Of Horses play at the columbia club which i think is near the hostel theyre this american indie rock band and are pretty good! im excited!

stay safe
sam x

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David Golden said...

Berlin sounds fun Sam. Enjoy the Band.