Monday, 3 March 2008

tu es beautiful

hey guyz today I had another ace day but I only have 20 minutes to tell you about it! haha ok it started off quite cloudy so I chilled in the hostel until about 10.30 and then it started to clear up and I caught a metro to Chatelet , walked around some of the big department stores and les halles (this big underground shopping centre thing) by then it was really sunny again, I called in at the pompidou centre but theres an evening opening on wednesday from 6pm and its free for 18-25 year olds :)
I bought some fresh spiced olives and a big baguette for lunch and walked all the way through paris from the seine all the way up to montemarte stopping to soak up some rays along the way.
montemarte is like a village which slowly got consumed by an ever expanding paris, its where all the starving artists like picasso and da vinci used to squat and exchange paintings for food, it also houses the last vineyard in paris

I climbed the steps of the sacre couer first of all and from the top was some amazing views of paris then I wandered around the upmost part of montremarte where all the artists paint your portrait and sell their art, theres also a ton of traditional french cafe's all packed with tourists.

after a long time wandering the sun was starting to set and I walked back to the steps of the sacre couer that I started on where some cool dudes were now performing for the crowd on their guitars playing mostly reggae , alot of marley but then also an actually good rendition of that bad james blunt song haha I put a euro or two in their guitar case and walked back down to boulevard rochquart toward the moulin rouge and the red light district.
some horrible woman tried to drag me into the most appalling brothel in the world no joke! its so terrifying having a super skinny woman in too much make up grab your hand and try and lead you somewhere that looks super gross haha I then got to the free night tours start point outside moulin rouge and went on a awesome tour of montremarte and the red light district by the crazy mexican new yorker , it was all english and everyone was really nice and welcoming and I didn't get robbed! the tour was 2 hours altogether and really informative and ace
ok I've got to go now i have one minute left on the timer!
speak soon


David Golden said...

Sounds like you had quite an adventure after all today. We recognised some of the places, not the brothels of course!

Scott said...

hey sam,

long time no see
thought id drop you a quick message before i sleeps (oh how i love 9am lectures). can see your having fun, so keep it up ^.^

talk to you soon (hopefully)

Jo Eubank said...

LOL lol at the brothels sam,
well done on not being robbed when I went round there at night time it was terrifying!!! hahaha!

yo blogz are making excellent breakfast reading dude, glad ur having an ace time

jessi said...

im glad you got to spend some time in montmartre :)