Friday, 21 March 2008

longg time since we spoke

hey blog I didn´t forget about you but ive been busy and there is NOWHERE in barcelona to use the internet or upload photos =( anyway its my last day today im going to go to the beach and paddle and sleep and smile and have some fun! I also bought a Ukelele (?) for ten euros yesterday! such a bargain! I´ve been everywhere in Barcelona worth going , did a tour of the gothic district and went to the olympic stadium, swam in the medditerenean, celebrated st patricks day , saw a lot of Gaudis work everywhere including the park he built and lived in it was so good!

the weather has been awesome too I have tan lines


David Golden said...

Glad u have had good weather & good time in Barcelona. It has been quite cold here!

grandma said...

sounds great Enjoy Milan