Saturday, 1 March 2008

Riding The Parisian Metro Is Like Going To The Theatre

so far i've had hip hoppers, accordion players, a ventriloquist and some dude who made some dumb duck noise with his mouth harrassing me whilst riding the metro but I think that just makes it even more awesome, you just cruise over and under the ground passing loads of awesome graffitti and seeing a ton of interesting stuff! I'm trying to be economical though so i've been walking as much as possible, I still need to go out and grab a bite to eat later but my legs don't want to function anymore!

As you might have guessed i made it to paris in once piece and im in my awesome hostel just got back from trekking, going to shower and go hunt down nutrition :)

It was only when I arrived in Paris Charles De Gaulles this morning that it hit me I was actually there, its so surreal but totally liberating. Knowing nothing and nobody is definitely daunting but fourtunately i've already made some friends , Pat Cartwright from liverpool talked to me all the way on the plane, looking forward to her birthday meal in the eifel tower shes probably enjoying some snails right about now and then when I got off the train i met this cool couple from huddersfield Nick & Rachel, in their twentys they were definitely much more in my age group than Pat (she was 50+ im betting lolol) and we chilled then adventure through the airport together , collected our luggage, found the train station (eventually!) and chatted the 45 minute ride to the city centre away in no time before going our seperate ways at the metro link.

TODAY i've done a load of stuff and its been so good, the sun has been shining, theres very little wind and its was warm enough for me to wear just my polo shirt until six!

I would like to type about everything I saw but I already want to go out there adventuring again but after the 4am start this morning I think i need an early night
so instead of typing loads of noodles about what I did today ill post some captioned pictures

chilling at the Arc de Triomphe before heading down Champs-Élysées to look at all the posh shops it really is the most beautiful street ever all the buildings are flawless and all the specialist independent cinemas rock out some cool movies.

Eifel Tower! some mental chinese lady insisted she took 5876786 photos of me standing in front of the tower pulling stupid poses after I took a picture of her and her family, I loved it haha

st martins canal just nearby the hostel, this place is lined with boats with opera singers on that double up as bars, I think i might check them out tonight ha! the weather was so perfect today :)

oh and finally I witnessed an illegal breakdancing contest in front of the eifel tower it was totally rad the burly black guy was the best because he danced like a russian


David Golden said...

Cool Sam. Dad

MalcNJu said...

Not surpised your legs dont want to function Paris is a big City to see à pied :) Malc

The Postlethwaites said...

Ca va? Paris is just as we left it a few years ago - are you venturing out to see Mickey Mouse?
Ne bois pas trop d'alcool !!

Sam Golden said...

non disney es tres expensif!

et le bier cest tre bien