Monday, 24 March 2008

Postcards from Italy

leanardo da vince statue, one of milans most famous residents, he suggested they should build canals to move the marble to the centre of town to build the duomo (below) and thats exactly what milan did, Da Vinca totally redesigned the way locks and stuff worked to move the marble uphill it was pretty cool.
yeah this is the Duomo it doesnt look so good on film but in real life its mind blowing, the pink and white marble absorbs the sun and it shines so bright and its jut mindblowingly big and a good example of newer gothic architecture (lots of spires and points!)
its like a tradidtion to grind you shoe on the testicles of this bull whenever you walk past and here a lady is making her baby do it, apparently you get good luck and maybe its true because today when i checked out of the hotel they didnt charge me for any of my phonecalls only 2€ for the can of coke i had out of the minibar!
the duomo again looking majestic, this is when I was deciding to pay €7 euros to take the lift or €5 for the stairs to the top
i chose the stairs, here is me looking exhausted

heres the park i spent the morning chilling in with some stolen croissants and baked delights from the hotel , I also played the Ukelele

this is a big castel and the defences were designed by Da Vinci, it didn't stop the spanish but they probably got really burnt by the burning tar holes and stuff

these guys played the theme tune to the antique roadshow

the most mind blowing pizza Al Tonno I have ever had serious, it was amazing

this coffee was from a really expensive restauraunt inside the big shopping hall next to the duomo which has like the Prada shop in and stuff, theres classic music in the centre and mindblowing coffee, other than the bulls testicles being replaced a few times and some glass that got destroyed in WW2 this place has been the same for hundreds of years and is still a hub of world fashion

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