Sunday, 30 March 2008


hey cool today I caught the train down from Leiden to Rotterdam it was awesome! loads of stuff got destroyed in the war and these crazy dutch redesigned and rebuilt some crazy stuff, one of my favourites was the cube houses!

and then I saw the mind blowing walk of fame containing the hand prints of all the most amazing celebrities

I got buffered by the wind a bit at the crazy Erasmus bridge , saw some cool war monument and a lot of flags, tonight its pizza and movie night! crazy Spanish horror films yeah!
Dean stayed at home today and watched Everton play Liverpool, they lost so he had turned it off by the time i got back ahaha

ps. the weather looks bad today but yesterday it was actually pretty warm and sunny!


The Postlethwaites said...

bxgHi Sam
Looks like you are having a GR8 time, we sail from Hull to Rotterdam on Friday night, staying in Wasenaar, about 30m from Amsterdam, thinking of visiting The Hague, Amsterdam and the Bulb Fields, any suggestions as to what we should do?

Sam Golden said...

um the hague and rotterdam are both amazing places and also amsterdam is good if you do the free walking tour from centraal station at 11 you learn a ton of stuff! make sure you see the cube houses in rotterdam! theres a show cube to look around for 2 euros!

ps. walk around the red light district in amsterdam its completely bizzare!

Dean said...

Wassenaar, very posh!! (sorry to jump in!)

I've never been on this tour, but this is the bulb field that I've heard recommended / talked about.

Sam, was great to see you, and enjoy Switzerland!!

The Postlethwaites said...

Cheers Sam - hope you love Switzerland - we certainly did.
We sail tonight so we look forward to seeing you back home and hearing more of your tales when you get back ( eventually!!)
Best Wishes for a HAPPY BITHDAY tomorrow!
Love from D D A & G